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Talulah Riley

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Talulah Riley (born 26 September 1985) is an English actress and occasional singer whose films include Pride and Prejudice, St Trinian's, The Boat That Rocked (North America: Pirate Radio) and St. Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold. St Trinian's, which starred Riley as the female lead, is the second highest grossing independent British movie of all time after Four Weddings and a Funeral. She also played the role of Lila, a young, lovestruck writer, in the short-lived television series, Nearly Famous. In that series, she showed her musical chops.

In 2010, Riley appeared as a blonde projection in Inception, with Leonardo DiCaprio, written and directed by Christopher Nolan. Also in 2010, the The Summer House was released, which starred Riley as the lead role with Rob Pattinson as supporting. By the end of the first day of release, it was the number one movie on iTunes worldwide and dominated that position for several days.[1][2][3] Talulah is widely regarded as a rising star among the next generation of British actresses and is featured on the March 2010 cover of Esquire.[4][5][6]

Her television credits include episodes of Poirot, Marple, the E4 series Nearly Famous and Doctor Who (2008's "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead").

Riley made her stage debut with Kevin Spacey in The Philadelphia Story at the Old Vic in 2005. Her performance in a 2006 revival of Tennessee Williams' Summer and Smoke was described as "delightful".

Personal life

Talulah Riley-Milburn was born in Hertfordshire, the only child of Una Riley, founder of a security systems company and a PR company,[8] and Doug Milburn, formerly head of the National Crime Squad. Her father now works as a screen writer and has written episodes of Silent Witness, Prime Suspect and The Bill. She attended Cheltenham Ladies College, Berkhamsted Collegiate School and Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls. While acting in London, Riley studied mathematics, physics and economics at the Open University.

She is married to South African-born entrepreneur and founder of PayPal Elon Musk. The marriage took place at Dornoch cathedral in Scotland on September 25, 2010.[9] Riley lives in Bel Air, California at the home she shares with Musk. St. Trinian's costar Tamsin Egerton was her maid of honor.

She is currently listed in the Caltech directory as a volunteer for the Physics Department at the California Institute of Technology

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Cannes Film Festival - St. Trinian's Photocall - May 2007 with Gemma Arterton and Valeria Golino

post-5065-0-1445988089-51839_thumb.jpg post-5065-0-1445988089-55525_thumb.jpg post-5065-0-1445988089-70011_thumb.jpg post-5065-0-1445988089-87804_thumb.jpg d95109113406842.jpg post-5065-0-1445988089-92256_thumb.jpg post-5065-0-1445988089-98832_thumb.jpg post-5065-0-1445988090-08921_thumb.jpg post-5065-0-1445988090-12661_thumb.jpg post-5065-0-1445988090-14421_thumb.jpg post-5065-0-1445988090-20566_thumb.jpg post-5065-0-1445988090-26436_thumb.jpg 93d475113406979.jpg d749ed113406998.jpg post-5065-0-1445988090-2862_thumb.jpg

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St. Trinian's 2: Legend of Fritton's Gold (2009)

Directors: Oliver Parker & Barnaby Thompson

Character: Annabelle Fritton

Filming in London -> 27th August 2009

Source: tlfan.to via tFS

post-33914-0-1445988115-87233_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1445988116-32643_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1445988116-36767_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1445988116-4115_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1445988116-43732_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1445988116-45741_thumb.jpg post-33914-0-1445988116-5004_thumb.jpg

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Orange British Academy Film Awards 2011 -> 13th February 2011

The Royal Opera House, London, UK

Source: tlfan.to

7c801b129893463.jpg afefeb129893470.jpg 835b2d129893471.jpg c190ef129893867.jpg 14487a129893874.jpg cdb744129893876.jpg 9e3be9129894202.jpg f44eae129894204.jpg 6ebff4129894208.jpg ecfa08129896740.jpg 2b40a7129896741.jpg 2518cf129896744.jpg 6a4766129897669.jpg bc7fe9129897670.jpg a15080129897671.jpg c2536c129897992.jpg 600a23129897995.jpg 589527129898000.jpg a85076129899568.jpg 3600c0129899569.jpg 97bf8e129899574.jpg 52b0af129900330.jpg a2a635129900340.jpg f67081129900352.jpg f9c591129901196.jpg 3932fc129901210.jpg c4f58f129901216.jpg 6b925b129901744.jpg f2ec20129901747.jpg 1dd832129901754.jpg b8c08d129902216.jpg 1034ab129902224.jpg 85bc85129902233.jpg e23b35129902774.jpg b5f39a129902780.jpg bb7985129902782.jpg a5f602129903548.jpg f1854f129903552.jpg 44975c129903557.jpg c26077129904700.jpg 49d2a7129904710.jpg ebca32129904718.jpg 397fc9129904723.jpg 6ab53f129905225.jpg d484ea129905229.jpg 00cd41129905235.jpg 2381a4129905942.jpg 34aa20129905947.jpg c2d22f129905958.jpg a6c91f129907066.jpg 255b45129907078.jpg bc716a129907085.jpg 2463c4129908140.jpg a2e117129908141.jpg e46176129908145.jpg 899b45129908564.jpg

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