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Stephanie Griffin

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(Stephene Griffin)

1934 is born in Valley City, Medina County, Ohio

July 1953 posing for photographer Andre de Dienes, she is heralded a 19-year-old actress model of Cleveland, Ohio

August 1954 competes in the "Miss Rheingold of 1955" contest, the "second largest election in the United States. Lined up with her are Grace Brown of New York, Susan Alexander of North Hollywood, Nancy Woodruff of New York, Jean Moorehead of Santa Monica, and Barbara Wilson of Pasadena. "In a few months one of these lovely models will be $50,000 richer after the polls close."

3 June 1955 marries theatrical agent David L. March in Santa Barbara, California

April 1956 replaces Terry Moore in The Last Wagon, after her picture appeared on eighteen magazine covers in approximately twelve months

5 September 1956 she and March separate

October 1956 March files suit for divorce against her charging adultery. He claims she was intimate with businessman James Raskin on several occasions between last September 10 and October 12. March is 40; she's 22.

6 November 1956 March drops his divorce suit against her, clearing the way for prosecution of her own divorce complaint alleging cruelty

December 1956 wins a divorce from March in Los Angeles on testimony that "he said I was like an inanimate object, that I couldn't think." She waives alimony and agrees to pay all community debts up to $4,000.

marries James Raskin, a Montana lumber millionaire

7 October 1958 her daughter Kathleen C. is born in Los Angeles

24 August 1959 her daughter Jamianne L. is born in Los Angeles

August 1969 her daughter Tamara C. is born in Los Angeles

2004 her husband dies at age 77 in 2004 in Los Angeles










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