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Antonio Adan

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Antonio Adán Garrido

Date of birth 13 May 1987 (age 23)

Place of birth Madrid, Spain

Height 1.90 m (6 ft 3 in)

Playing position Goalkeeper

Club information

Current club Real Madrid

Number 13

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"I am confident we will win"

Real Madrid sponsor bwin caught up with Antonio Adan on the eve of Week 11's match against Sporting Gijon.

"We will lose at some point, but the later it happens the better. And whenever it does happen may it be because the other team deserved it, not because we made too many mistakes. We need to continue doing things the way we have been doing them, but if a team does beat us we need to take it with cool heads and prepare harder for the next match."

"Sporting is a hard team to beat at home. The fans pour on the heat and they will push 120% against Madrid. They have fast players that can catch us on the counterattack. We must stay strong on defense. I am confident we will win if we continue playing as we have been."

"We want our opponents to feel like they are playing against a champion-caliber team. We want them to know we are going to attack and shoot on goal a lot. We are building a champion-caliber team, but we have to wait until season's end to see if it happens."

"I work hard so that I can earn my chance. I am sure it will happen at some point so I must be prepared. The coach has shown that he has faith in everyone and he makes it known."

"Against Villarreal at the Camp Nou, Barcelona will want to show just how good of a season they are having. They want to be on top and it will be a nice match to watch. It won't be easy for Barcelona."

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When you are at the best football club,when you have the best coach when you train with the best players and when you play at the pitch with them,one day you will be the best. Adan show that he is a great goalkeeper and that he have a future in Real Madrid.

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