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Michelle Hicks

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Name: Michelle Hicks

Agency: Ford Models

- Not much else is known about her atm.

Michelle has been spending a lot of time in NYC and she’s been busy. You can catch her in this month’s issue of Nylon Magazine. Here’s a sneak peek…




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post-1004-0-1446138334-17174_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446138334-98639_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446138335-03544_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446138335-06411_thumb.jpg

post-1004-0-1446138335-08859_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446138335-13163_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446138335-16026_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446138335-18446_thumb.jpg

Photography by Erika Dufour, hair and make-up by Sharon Casey, styling by us, featuring the fabulous Michelle Hicks of Ford Models.


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