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Patricia Garvin


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Valet: Precious

Real Name: Patricia Williams Garvin

Birthday: 01-01-1955

Hometown: Ontario, Canada

Marital Status: Married to Jimmy Garvin

Patti Williams was a professional wrestling valet in the 1980s best known as Precious.

Patti Williams started her wrestling career as the valet for her real-life husband (Jimmy Garvin) in World Class Championship Wrestling in 1983 under the name of Precious.

She replaced his previous valet, Sunshine (Garvin's Cousin), causing a feud and many catfights in the ring between the two.

Precious was known for carrying an aerosal can of hair spray that she would use to spray in the eys of Garvin's opponents.

She went with Garvin to the AWA where she was in his corner while he batled than AWA world champion Rock Martel and was also present when Garvin and Steve Regal defeated the Road Warriors to become the AWA World Tag team Champions. The Duo than went to the NWA's Jim Crockett Promotions. In the NWA, she was spanked on TV by Magnum T.A. in 1986 (right before his career-ending accident), hounded by Ric Flair in 1987 and stalked by Kevin Sullivan in 1988.

Flair gave her gifts trying to woo her and when it didn't work, won a match with Garvin for a date with Precious. The Garvin family had Ron Garvin dress up as "Miss Atlanta Lively" to show up for the date instead, and he promptly dealt with Flair and his manager James J. Dillon.

Sullivan kept saying he had something that she wanted to see on some papers or knew something she wanted to know. The mind games continued on until Garvin had his leg "broken" by Sullivan and Mike Rotunda and they had to leave TV for a while.

Garvin returned without her in 1989 and she did make a brief appearance for him and Michael Hayes as the President of "Fabulous Freebirds, Inc." while they wrestled for WCW.

Patti is now retired with Garvin and they have two daughters.

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after over 20 years, i still have NO CLUE what that whole angle with Kevin Sullivan was about. than again, i never udnerstood any of Sullivan's angles or storylines. the dude was one weird little guy.

guess we were suppsoed to beleive that she wanted him over Jimmy.

(kind of liek we were suppsoed to beleive DDP wanted Takers horse faced wife instead of Kimberly when he showed up in WWE; which i still laugh about to this day)

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I think Kevin went too far with her. Thats why she left. She did a rare interview with PWI after Nancy was murdered and said she left wrestling because of Sullivan. I guess he tried to come between her and Jimmy in real life.

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