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Lita Baron


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(Isabel Beth Castro)

8 August 1929 is born in Spain

1948 changes her name to Lita Baron

29 August 1948 marries actor Rory Calhoun in Santa Barbara, California. He's 26; she's 19.

August 1952 loses her expected baby

22 February 1957 her first daughter, Cindy Francis, is born in Los Angeles

25 December 1958 her second daughter, Tami Diane Elizabeth, is born in Santa Monica

23 January 1961 her third daughter, Lorri Marie, is born at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica

March 1964 in a paternity suit filed in Los Angeles, her husband is named father of a girl, Nathena, born on January 26, 1959, to starlet and TV actress Vitina Marcus. 26-year-old Marcus retains the right to ask support for the child later. The suit will be settled for an undisclosed sum in April 1966, Calhoun still denying being the father. The settlement figure is rumored to be $5,000.

25 August 1964 is sued for divorce by Calhoun in Santa Monica

12 October 1966 her husband's attorney says she and Calhoun are reconciled and he will file a motion to dismiss the divorce action

31 December 1968 she and Calhoun separate

24 January 1969 is again sued for divorce by Calhoun in Santa Monica after 20 years of marriage. He accuses her of adultery with TV personality James Allan Trudeau, host of a children's program called "Mr. Wishbones," and asks for custody of their children, Cindy Frances, 12; Tami Elizabeth, 9; and Lorri Marie, 8.

13 June 1969 in an amended counter-complaint to Calhoun's divorce suit she accuses him of adultery with Betty Grable, eight other women specifically named, and 70 "Jane Does." She also lists starlet Vitina Marcus as a co-respondent in the complaint. Calhoun recently directed Grable on the London stage in Hello, Dolly.

April 1969 will get $1,500 a month support from Calhoun for their three children due to a Superior Court directive

20 June 1969 Calhoun's lawyer denies everything in Santa Monica court. Neither she nor Calhoun is present at the session.

July 1970 her divorce is granted in Santa Monica Superior Court on grounds of irreconcilable differences. He's 47; she's 40. She's granted custody of her three children.

March 1975 mobster Mickey Cohen says he has been dating her and Gail Fisher of the "Mannix" show









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