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Mary Kornman


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Mary Kornman (December 27, 1915 – June 1, 1973) was an American child actress who was the leading female star of the Our Gang series during the Pathe silent era.

Our Gang

Mary Kornman was the daughter of Hal Roach's still-photo cameraman Gene Kornman. After Peggy Cartwright, who only appeared in four or five Our Gang episodes, Mary became the leading lady of the series, appearing in more than 40 episodes. Kornman was one of the series' biggest stars during its early years between 1922 and 1926.

Later career

After the series, she had a successful movie career through her twenties. She also continued appearing with Our Gang co-star Mickey Daniels into adulthood, as evidenced by some publicity shots from the era. She appeared with Mickey Daniels in the teen version of Our Gang, The Boy Friends. She married Leo Tover, a cameraman, in or around 1934, but divorced approximately five years later. She later married Ralph B. McCutcheon, a horse trainer on some of her Western films; this marriage lasted until her death.

In 1935, she appeared in Queen of the Jungle with Reed Howes. The same year, she appeared in The Desert Trail as a store owner and the love interest of John Wayne. She continued to appear in features until 1940, when she retired from the screen.

Later years

Never having children, Mary would spend the rest of her life devoted to her husband, Ralph. They both spent their remaining years on their ranch with the horses they loved. Mary was never to return to movies, yet she would keep in close contact with many of her Hollywood acquaintances and friends.

When recently asked if Mary was as kind and genuine a person as she appeared to be in her movies, sister Mildred Kornman replied, "She was all of that and more".


Mary became ill in the early 1970s. She was eventually diagnosed with cancer and died on June 1, 1973 with sister Mildred at her side. Kornman's husband Ralph (16 years her senior) died in 1975. They both were buried at the Linn Grove Cemetery, in Greeley, Weld County, Colorado.


When asked in 1960 what she thought of being part of Our Gang, Kornman replied "It was fun being a gang member. It was play. I have no regrets...We didn't have to be talented, which is natural for kids...I think we had a privileged childhood working in those films.














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