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models' pout

maybe not

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maybe i'm in th wrong place, maybe the question has been already asked, maybe it's just the question that's shameful (and maybe, well, surely, my english is kinda opprobrious, my apologies, i'm a new member and i don't know about forums generally).

but i read many article about lips proportion: the ratio must be upper lip= 50/70% of the lower one

most of models have a huge upper lip

are those fake, real and they're famous cause of it, or it's just the "models' shooting pout?"

i'd like to learn how to act that pout too, haha

the best example is bianca balti, she has the mouth of a perfect-looking alien

anyway it doesn't matter, those mouths are so incredibly soft and delicious, it was just curiosity.

and bianca, you're my hero with those sweety "r" and laugh.


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