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A Film by Alexander Hankoff

Styling by Rene Garza

Hair & Makeup by Stella Kae

Editing & Special Effects by Nuno Xico & Alexandra Mulcahy

Model(s) Andrej Pejic @ DNA Models

story behind the story

“I was fortunate enough to work with Andrej after the grueling week he had of running to fittings and shows. We shot from midnight to 3AM. The Narcissus myth is a theme I’ve wanted to explore for years and when given the opportunity to shoot Andrej, I knew he would be perfect.” – Alexander Hankoff

http://www.theones2watch.com/newwave/4433 watch here

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How do you know it’s September in New York City? It’s simple – the population of great looking boys increases way out of proportion to the rest of the year. That’s right, the boys are back in town for the shows and we have a preview of who is hot right now – including faves like Andrej Pejic, Mark Cox, Francisco Lachowski & Sebastian Sauvé. Photographed exclusively for The Ones2Watch by Kristiina Wilson and stylist Michelle Carimpong, each model shot a classic portrait and a polaroid which they could enhance themselves. The boys went buck wild with their illustrations and we love the end result. Check out the full story Friday on The Ones2Watch!



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Somehow we’re not all that surprised that getting into the character of Marilyn Monroe would come so naturally to androgynous phenomenon Andrej Pejic. After all, blonde and glamorous have become his trademark style.

The title of the video is as cheeky as Andrej is effective: Norman Jean.



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