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Hot tennis players


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Here's my personal list of the hottest tennis players. What are your picks? :)

  • 9. Simona Halep (18) ROM
    Probably the most busty tennis player ever. Unfortunately, she's had breast reduction surgery when she turned 18.
  • 8. Venus Williams (30) USA
    I think she deserves a spot on my list, even if she's tall and a bit too slim for my taste. Great legs.
  • 7. Marta Domachowska (24) POL
    I had to include one Polish player ;)
  • 6. Dominika Cibulkova (21) SVK
    I just saw her on the TV one day and :drool: I love Slavic girls.
  • 5. Jelena Dokic (27) AUS/SRB
    I always liked how her nipples were always so pokey :D
  • 4. Maria Sharapova (23) RUS
    Best legs in the business, no question. Plus, she's yet another Slavic beauty, not unlike Anna Kournikova.
  • 3. Martina Hingis (29) SUI
    I always had a crush on her. The Swiss upskirt queen :D
  • 2. Anna Kournikova (29) RUS
    My first favorite tennis player. She never won any big tournament - but seriously, who cares? :D
  • 1. Serena Williams (28) USA
    She just had to be the number one :D I love her athletic body and that fierceness on the court. Unstoppable.

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Maria Kirilenko (23) Russia

post-32717-1277397631_thumb.jpg post-32717-1277397619_thumb.jpg post-32717-1277397627_thumb.jpg

post-32717-1277397636_thumb.jpg post-32717-1277397641_thumb.jpg post-32717-1277397612_thumb.jpg

She appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, last year I think.

Caroline Wozniacki (20) Denmark

post-32717-1277398234_thumb.jpg post-32717-1277397646_thumb.jpg post-32717-1277397652_thumb.jpg

Her parents are from Poland and she speaks polish very well (fluent :p). I saw an interview with her about 3 months ago, really cute girl.

They're both beautiful and the're both great players ;)

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