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Anyone here a Korn fan? I hear they're releasing their new album in December, can't wait :D

Korn (sometimes typeset as KoЯn) is a band from Bakersfield, California, and are often credited with creating and popularizing the nu metal genre. Along with other bands at the time, they have also inspired many nu metal and alternative metal bands throughout the mid 1990s and early 2000s


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I'm ashamed to admit that I find this new "Twisted Transistor" song kind of catchy.

This fact is easily canceled out by the fact that they absolutely SLAUGHTERED "Another Brick In The Wall." KoRn, I have some advice for you guys, KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF PINK FLOYD.

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KoRn is good. My favourite album is Issues. Heavy-weight melodies reached the peak of awesomeness on that one. I'm not following their recent albums, all I remember is that I got kinda sceptical after listening to Untouchables, which I find a weird, unbalanced album.

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They're shit.



You have to understand that you're talking ot a guy that's into brutal death and grind, so when I do slow down people around me appreciate it. just this morning I was listening to Abysmal Torment and Pig Destroyer.

I then switched to some soilwork, Static-X and then Korn.

Divine is still in my head:

"You're gonna waste your time.

Your life will soon be mine.

You're definitely one of a kind.

You're suffering 'cos of me, it's divine!"

Damn catchy track :p

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:chicken: pig destroyer :chicken: love prowler in the yard. not such a big fan of terrifyer, still good stuff though.

I can't respect Korn :( too many bad qualities. I do enjoy headbanging to one or two of their songs, but i think thats why they're popular. It's dance-metal. Maybe club-metal.... i dunno.

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I think they cleaned up the production a LOT on Terrifyer. the only other tracks I have of theirs is Purity Undone and Dark Sattelites.

Purity Undone is the most chaotic track I have EVER heard! And it's one of my favourites :p

Korn is what got me into metal and eventually the heavier stuff. They're like my first love if you will. There'll always be a place for them in my collection somewhere :)

Dance metal? The messages I get are mostly to do with anger. So dance metal? Sorry, but that's the first time I've ever heard it described that way. Seriously though, they're still my favourite nu-metal band and there's tons of good ones out there:

36 Crazyfists


Static-X (technically industrial)





...to name but a few.

Otherwise, there's the heavier options like:

Morbid Angel



Dimension Zero

Pig Destroyer



In Flames

Abysmal Torment

Internal Suffering





Cannibal Corpse

...once again, to name but a few :D

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