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Ramon Novarro


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Ramon was born in Durango, Mexico on Feb. 6, 1899. His family moved to Los Angeles in 1913 to escape the Mexican Revolution. He was a second cousin to Dolores Del Rio and Andrea Palmer.

He started in films in 1917 playing bit parts and he also worked as a singing waiter.

His first success was in the film "Scaramouche" in 1923.

He was then promoted as a rival to Valentino.

"Ben-Hur" in 1925 was his most successful film.

His contract with MGM expired in 1935 and was not renewed. Novarro kept acting in films and then went to television a few years later. He also tried unsuccessfully to be on Broadway.

Novarro invested some of his money in real estate so after his acting career was over he still lived a comfortable lifestyle.

He had been troubled all his life over the conflicting views of being a Catholic and a homosexual. His life long struggle with alcohol has been caused by his sexuality issues.

Ramon Novarro was murdered by two brothers, Paul and Tom Ferguson on Oct. 30, 1968. Novarro hired the two from an agency for sexual purposes but the brothers thought there was a stash of money in the home. They tortured Novarro for several hours demanding to know where his money was. There was no money in the house and the two left with only twenty dollars. Novarro died from asphyxiation, choking on his blood after being brutally beaten.






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