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Sharon Corr

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First Name:Sharon Helga

Maiden Name: CORR

Bride Name: BONNAR

Date of birth: 24th March 1970

Place of birth: Dundalk, Co. Louth (Eire)

Siblings: 2 sisters (Andrea and Caroline) and 1 brother (Jim)

Height:about 1m65 (5'5")

Hair Color : Brown , dyed her hair in black and blonde

Eyes Color : Green

Sharon Corr is the second eldest member and cofounder of the Irish pop-rock/Celtic musical group The Corrs. She plays the violin and the fiddle , an irish violin, since she's 7 years old. She also contributes most of the backing vocals and has this wonderful ability of being able to do both at the same time.

350318mu.th.jpg sharonlansdowneroad1999021en.th.jpg 325539kf.th.jpg 63047hh.th.jpg

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Borrowed Heaven Promo Shoot


"What Can I Do ?" Video Clip


"Would You Be Happier ?" Video Clip

post-1420-0-1446088819-53611_thumb.jpg post-1420-0-1446088819-54843_thumb.jpg

BBC's Proms in the park Rehearsal

300761uq.th.jpg 300783jz.th.jpg

Miscellanous Gig

post-1420-0-1446088819-56439_thumb.jpg post-1420-0-1446088819-57593_thumb.jpg 300751rt.th.jpg 300137509db.th.jpg

Miscellanous events:


300709fy.th.jpg 300646co.th.jpg 300724gx.th.jpg 300661cr.th.jpg 300680ci.th.jpg 300635lp.th.jpg post-1420-0-1446088819-58512_thumb.jpg

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"Irresistible" Video Clip: (video by request)


"Forgiven not Forgotten" Video Clip: with Andrea (video by request)


"All The Love in the World" Video Clip: (video by request)


"Breathless" Video Clip : (video by request)


Borrowed Heaven Electronic Press Kit (EPK) Video :


"Dreams" Video Clip:(video by request)

100014nn5rx.th.jpg 100055xv3ne.th.jpg

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The Corrs should have a female guitarist ;)


Sharon already played guitar once (AFAIK) (sorry about the poor quality :( )


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