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google translator - last update

Ttena not the complete idea and started the momentum, and loll about in this blog pretext or other I had four and a half years followed, and we will have today and ends Toriaezu update. I was going to stop at the end of last year I was really happy with is no longer updated, change of mind and decided to continue anyway and it was just使I切Ttarou remaining capacity. Mandala Nihongo, the gate cutting class and want to update my to me than I thought, after all VS持Chi堪E capacity away until just before the show, a full year today, with well over Ttena Let Drill At this point続Ketaru is not reached. So the last two months or Ssu I happen to think that I've pretty psyched to be put on by me. Oh, but I was over at my boom would probably be temporary and do not have any blogs ...

sorry 4 u

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