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Guilty Pleasure Movies


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Here is the thread for you to admit to your guilty pleasure movies. This could be a guilty pleasure for any reason. Like whether they are hated or crap acted movies but you still love it, or the type of movies you watch mainly to see a certain person in etc.

Some of my guilty pleasure movies are the really crappy acted/bad effects type movies. Movies that i wont admit to liking lol...

- Street Fighter

- Mortal Kombat 1 & 2

- DOA: Dead or Alive

- Snakes on a Plane

- Anaconda

- House of Wax

Then if i choose movies based on just watching for the actor i would say Zoe Saldana. I only watced Vantage Point just to see her small 10 minute role. Or i sometimes go back and watch Crossroads just for her lol :D

Some others i watched for the actors alone would be Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants just so i can watch Alexis Bledel and Amber Tamblyn. Or Gamer for Michael C Hall...

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Freddy Got Fingered!

I love a lot of bad movies (horror/comedy) but I proudly represent those :blueeyedbaby: , but whenever I tell people FGF is the funniest movie ever I instantly lose all credibility :laugh: so i tend to hide that fact nowadays :laugh: . Maybe Boat Trip also.

aside from that there's not much guilty pleasures, I like Honey & Into the Blue for Alba hotness, but I'm not ashamed of that either :p

o and :thumbsup: for the Gamer comment, Michael C Hall is king :hehe:

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