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Helena Seger

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Wife of Swedish football player Zlatan Ibrahimović

Born in 1970, Helena Seger moved to Zlatan`s hometown, Malmö, at 17. She started out working as a bartender and a model, but then got the job as a clothing shop assistant. Rapidly working her way up to shop manager, she was then hired as account manager at Swatch Group Nordic. Obtaining a degree in economy, she became the marketing manager for the newly started airway company FlyMe, and also got on the board of the biggest publicist company in Scandinavia, Bonniers. Currently, she is a stay at home mother to her and Zlatan`s two sons, Maximillan (born on 22 September, 2006) and Vincent (born on 6 March, 2008).

11bca7f54f1ca00eb728568.th.jpg 8655134.th.jpg cxhbnxmdcjwqxcbj.th.jpg maximjn42.th.jpg seger1982130b.th.jpg vemtrorduattduarhelenas.th.jpg

Helena and Zlatan in Milan

zlatan4.th.jpg zlatan5.th.jpg zlatan9.th.jpg zlatan21.th.jpg zlatan31.th.jpg

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January 2008, at fashion show

20080101.th.jpg 20080102.th.jpg 20080103.th.jpg

February 2008, at fashion show (still pregnant ;))

20080201.th.jpg 20080203.th.jpg 20080204z.th.jpg 20080205.th.jpg 20080206.th.jpg 20080202.th.jpg

June 2008, Euro 2008 Sweden 1 – 2 Spain


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January 2009, with Zlatan, shopping in Milan

20090101.th.jpg 20090102.th.jpg 20090103.th.jpg 20090104.th.jpg 20090105.th.jpg 20090106.th.jpg

20090107.th.jpg 20090108.th.jpg

April 2009, don't know where ;) (I guess at Zlatan's game)

20090401h.th.jpg 20090402.th.jpg 20090403.th.jpg 20090404h.th.jpg 20090405k.th.jpg

June 2009, at Zlatan's game


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