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Hurricane Katrina.


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The main local hospital in New Orleans are currently blocked off to the public. Hospital staff and their families have now locked themselves into the hospital because there are too many people trying to seek refuge. One nurse was shot when she tried to go outside. There is no electricity, and back up generators are failing (also if you overdue the stove and generators you risk carbon dioxide poisoning) people are dying inside of the hospitals.

People have not had clean water for almost 3 days now.

40,000-50,000 people in the superdome, including seriously injured people, and evacuees from the Hospitals.

There are no running water or sewage facilities -- and no power. Temperatures are in he 90's within the building. Water is still rising and the Mayor is just now being evacuated by helicopter as City hall is now surrounded by water that can only be reached by small boat, water is about 3 feet deep at the steps of City Hall.

80% of New Orleans is totally submerged now, and will likely become 100% submerged tonight

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Yesterday, I went to a shelter with my mom. It was really sad to see these people in this condition. People were crying, and there was nothing I could say to make them feel better. The shelter we were at last night, was closing today. So some of these people have no where to go now. It made me cry. My aunt seeing these decided to take in a family of 3. This family is going to live with her/her family until they can return home.

On another note, my friend has 10 family members missing. She called me crying last night, it was horrible. So if yall were to pray for her, that would be great.

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I want to go to a shelter, I want to give them more help than just money you know? I can't though as I'm too far away and with gas prices raising like you wouldn't believe, it's even harder. I know how these people feel, I'm in Florida. I saw houses around where I live destroyed and my Uncle lives in Punta Gorda where a hurricane slammed them last year and he lost his home. It's sad, I hate feeling like I can't help them even if I donate money.

And I'll be sure to keep them in my prayers.

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The whole situation is very sad.

I fly for a gulf coast oil company and had a chance to fly over New Orleans yesterday, the amount of destruction is unbelievable. I know everyone I work with wishes they could help, but the higher ups are saying its a military operation as of now. Since we can't help by flying, me and some co-workers are going to go see if we can volunteer at the Astro Dome, where everyone is being taken.

It gives you such a sick feeling to fly over the devastation and see people on the roofs needing help and knowing we are unable to do anything.

I find it incredible how this event has brought out such bad in people. Their have been reports of shootings at helicopters flying over head and inside relief centers.

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My granny and step-grandfather are in Pascagoula, MS. Pascagoula is 16 miles from Biloxi and about 10 miles from the Alabana state line. Everything down there is destroyed. My granny had 12 feet of water in her two story home, the water came up to the fourth stair from the top of the second floor. My granny, grandpa, aunt, and great aunt were all staying there for the hurricane. They live right on the water.

All of their cars are gone, the entire first story of the house is completely ruined, they are lucky to even have a house left. Luckily, my step-grandfather is a millionare who can at least repair the damage. Most people are just left homeless now.

I think New Orleans is almost beyond repair, especially with buildings burning now.

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Hurricane Housing

How it works:

* Your info is hidden. If you offer to host, people looking for housing will be able be able to see your posting, but not your name and email. You can choose whether or not to list your phone number.

* We pass you requests by email. When someone requests housing through our site, we will send you an email with their contact info and their message to you. It's your responsibility to follow up with them by email or phone..

* You remove your offer when it's filled. When you post an offer, we'll send you a confirmation email with a link to remove your posting in case you fill it, or no longer have space. People will continue to contact you until you do so.


* Housing in the Southeast is best. By far the greatest need for housing is within several hundred miles of the affected region. If you live elsewhere, please ask anyone you know in the area to post a housing offer, in addition to posting your own.

* Only list your own housing. Please don't offer lodging that's not actually yours to offer!

* Offers should be free. All housing offered on this site must be free of charge.

* Be smart. We can make no guarantees about the people who contact you. Please use common sense.

* Hurricane survivors need work too. If, in addition to housing, you can connect hurricane survivors with temporary work, please note that in your description.

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