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Agnieszka Fitkau-Perepeczko

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Agnieszka Fitkau-Perepeczko (born 6 May 1942 in Warsaw, Poland) is a Polish actress, best known for her performances after her emigration to Australia.

Agnieszka was born in Warsaw, but she grew up in the neighboring town of Milanowek. She is best remembered for her appearance in the television series Prisoner, in which she played East German concentration camp survivor Hannah Geldschmidt. She was married to the late Polish actor, Marek Perepeczko.

In 1966, Agnieszka finished her studies in the Public School of Drama in Warsaw. Between 1970 and 1980, she worked in the Komedia theater. In 1981 she left for Australia where she worked as an actress and photographer.

Agnieszka wrote several books on her profession, as well as cookery books.

Info: http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agnieszka_Fitkau-Perepeczko

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