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Natalia Oreiro


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Natalia Marisa Oreiro Iglesias was born on May 19, 1977 (Taurus and Snake in the Chinese Horoscope) in Montevideo, Uruguay. Natalia always knew that her calling would be interpretation, and started taking her first theater classes at the age of 8. When she became 12 she was called to participate in advertisements in her country.

Without having achieved fame she performed with other ten thousand contestants from all over Latin America in a casting where Xuxa's paquitas were being selected. Of course, Natalia was among the chosen ones. Then she started her public performances, before thousands of people all over the world. In this way she got rid of the little inhibition she still felt. But Natalia's objective was to succeed in television. In consequence, whenever she found out there would be castings in Buenos Aires TV stations, she would go there to see if something came up. Her opportunity arrived when she was selected for a little play in the soap opera "Inconquistable corazon", where she met the person who later became her boyfriend for six years: Pablo Echarri.

She had such a desire to be recognized as an actress, that she rejected some really tempting proposals - among them, to be a host in MTV- because it didn't assure she would fulfill here objectives. Since that moment everything happened so fast. She participated in "Dulce Ana", had a more important role in "Modelos 90-60-90", and her great recognition came with a starring role in "Ricos & Famosos", where she was Diego Ramos' mate. In those days she suffered a hard blow in her heart: a Uruguayan couple claimed that Natalia was adopted and that they were her real parents. In order to stop gossips, Natalia presented her mother in Channel 9.

When "Ricos & Famosos" was over Natalia received a great offer from TELEFE which included two incredibly tempting offers: to participate in the movie "Un argentino en Nueva York", which became a total success, and to be the main character in the soap opera "Mu

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