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Any embedded images over 1050 pixels in width must be either manually resized or thumbnailed. Although oversized images do resize automatically, but before it does that it must load/process fully and then condense. The larger the image, the longer it takes our system to process and resize. 1050 pixels is a reasonable size for our system to process efficiently. And remember, not every member has a fast connection or a fast computer. Here is an example of an image that is 1050 pixels in width:


Please note the staff strongly encourage members to thumbnail their images whenever possible. If you do thumbnail or post small images side by side, please do not exceed 600 pixels in width. When small images/thumbnails are posted side-by-side, our system sometimes think it is one image instead of multiple images. When this happens, it stretches out the page because our system does not know to automatically resize the images.

So...DO NOT do this:


DO this (notice the space between the image links):

[img=http://i45.tinypic.com/6hi8tc.jpg] [img=http://i47.tinypic.com/34j9e1k.jpg]

Thanks! :flower:

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