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I would've posted this for separate members but that would've taken too much time.. so here's a thread on the band itself. Since the history would go back to 1984, I'll simply link to the pages that I've found the most information on.

Wikipedia page


Their Official Site [in Japanese]

Spellbound [Fansite]


In order, from left to right, are:

Yutaka "Uta" Higuchi (桶口豊): bass

Hisashi Imai (今井 寿): guitar, theremin, backing vocals, and miscellaneous noise

Atsushi "At-chan" Sakurai (櫻井 敦司): vocals

Hidehiko "Hide" Hoshino (星野 英彦): guitar and keyboard

Toll Yagami (ヤガミ・トール): drums and percussion.

Although they use different surnames, Toll and Yutaka are brothers, with Toll being the eldest.

Trust me - back in the day [pre 1994], they were all hot (in my opinion -lol-). Here's a live performance from 1992 if you need proof. XD

Atsushi Sakurai is the only one that really hasn't changed all that much with time, save for his hair's length and color. XD

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