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Pebbelz Da Model

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Pebbelz Da Model

hip-hop model

bio pending

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About me

As you could only guess only an Ass like this (pardon my French) can be from the Dirty South and I’m definitely what you could consider as a true business woman and a go getta. My fans have supported me over the years so now It’s time that I’ve return all of the love given to me. I’m a hard working woman that has a passion for entertainment and modeling and in 2009 nothing will stop me from accomplishing my goals and keep the grown and sexy photos coming all day long!

I’m looking forward to my fans getting to know all of the different sides to me, whether it’s my generous side, my loyalty, my loving side and my freaky side. It’s all there for those that know me they’ll tell you it’s all real.

Like all women I love shopping, shoes, sexy lingerie, working out and being adventurous but you can catch me around good friends and family in my down time but now being there for my fans is my #1 priority.

This is only the beginning and if you think you’ve seen it all just wait until what I have in store this year.

Much love,


Pebbelz Da Model


Straight Stuntin Magazine

F.E.D.S. Magazine

Sweets Magazine

AMC Angels Magazine

As-Is Magazine

Diary of a Dimepiece DVD

2009 NBA All Star Weekend

SEA Award Winner

Music Video: Yo Gotti "Sold Out"

Feature in the New Movie "Nothing But The Truth" Music Video: Fabolous ft. Keri Hilson "Everything, Everyday, Everywhere"

Winks Magazine

Real Talk Urban Magazine

Info taken from http://pebbelzdamodel.com/

6a0111689dbdb0970c01127.th.jpg pebbelzdamodel414d342b.th.jpg pebblezchunks14d6761.th.jpg pebblezback114d0163.th.jpg pebb114d8c2f.th.jpg pebbelz078.th.jpg pebbelz2.th.jpg pebbelz074.th.jpg 368014138191b902a38c150.th.jpg pebbelz1509b34.th.jpg pebbelzmun2urbano8150c1.th.jpg pebbelz4sm1518d44.th.jpg fo20s9151a418.th.jpg pebbelz091.th.jpg 56200912831am152a4df.th.jpg 6a0111689dbdb0970c01156.th.jpg 6a0111689dbdb0970c01157.th.jpg 7292009124218pm1536e0b.th.jpg 6a0111689dbdb0970c01157.th.jpg dsc0128156493e.th.jpg pebbelz062va7.th.jpg 0000012280626687682c65f.th.jpg la4bad6d8c8334b3c8cba05.th.jpg 398cd13a157ee43.th.jpg 6a00d834516a6669e201127.th.jpg pebbles31596b9c.th.jpg pebbelz0020copy.th.jpg pebbelz.th.jpg lff526074d21cd7aa7d9da2.th.jpg pebbelz415ae8c6.th.jpg pebbles215bd74d.th.jpg 3763631106ae243d8d1co15.th.jpg zxqhdd15ca2cb.th.jpg lba0706b8d51242bda7ad36.th.jpg pebbelzdamodel1215d6f14.th.jpg 47d3101e4271f15edbc3.th.jpg 47d3107e8666a15efa47.th.jpg 4823b915acffd161296c.th.jpg 4823b8d2021771611d76.th.jpg 6a0111689dbdb0970c01157.th.jpg 6a0111689dbdb0970c01157p.th.jpg 6a0111689dbdb0970c0120a.th.jpg 6a0111689dbdb0970c0120a.th.jpg 6a0111689dbdb0970c0120ac.th.jpg pebbelz093.th.jpg ld3583f38737141bab1f9df.th.jpg



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