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Brianna Amor

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Brianna Francisco also known as Brianna Amor or Flawless was born and raised in Boston Massachusetts, Brianna who has always been interested in modeling decided to pursue her career after she graduated highschool. To avoid drama with her peers,this 18 yr old began her dream after graduating in June last year 2006.Unsure of what kind of modeling she would be able to do because of her height 5"3 she decided to pick up Glamour modeling which lead her to grace 2 major videos, one as a lead feauture in T.I.'s "Big Things Poppin" She is also feautured in a major magazine XXL (Aug Issue 07) in stores nowI!! Brianna's dreams doesn't stop there she also plans on enrolling her self in college this year to study the course Graphics & Design. "I finally got to live what I always wanted to do and now that im here no one can stop me.

Birthday: ?/?/1989

Birthname: Brianna Francisco

Nicknames: Brianna Amor, Flawless

Height: 5'3''

Job: Model, Video Vixen

Ethnicity: Black

Country of Origin: United States

Info taken from http://www.mademan.com/chickipedia/brianna-amor/

4aa746999c05aef68b2.th.jpg briannafranciscoamor354.th.jpg fl327d04efd0mb9c04113aa.th.jpg 103445briannafranciscoa.th.jpg briannaamor22c3c18.th.jpg 6r7grc2d9678.th.jpg 6pgukps395d6c.th.jpg 14632012.th.png 4794f4bc1126e3978d4.th.jpg 12443572346347x399f09.th.jpg 48bded8ff286b3a3ec4.th.jpg fl327d04efd0mb9c04113aa.th.jpg l6ddfe763ae02f0b17aa67b.th.jpg briannaamour23c5271.th.jpg briannaamorepicturesatl.th.jpg briannaamorstrip53870e.th.jpg l781a218c35706950916d5d.th.jpg la59a9cd19daaacf9f5a580.th.jpg l6178da4488fbd3781f28ab.th.jpg lcbc444d866c038b8a89b1f.th.jpg l418c5509a6d9a2fdbfaaec.th.jpg l7d486f105ee74ccebc861e.th.jpg briannafranciscoamor8.th.jpg

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