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Brand Upon the Brain!

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movie of the canadian director Guy Maddin : biography




Plot :

Together with his teenage sister and a horde of orphans, young Guy Maddin lazes away his under-stimulated youth on the mysterious island he will someday inherit. In the lighthouse orphanage in which they all live, their every move is watched over by their overbearing and tyrannical mother while their father, a scientist and inventor, works away secretively in the basement.

When new adoptive parents discover mysterious head wounds on their children, teen detectives Wendy and Chance Hale - brother and sister sleuths known as the "Lightbulb Kids" - visit the island to launch an investigation. Guy is weak-kneed as he falls for Wendy, while Sis is flushed with love for Chance, a love which must be kept from Mother at all costs. As the investigation progresses, the kids are led into the darkest regions of revelation and repression as the terrible secrets of Guy's family are revealed.


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there are few days ago i talked with Katherine (the girl with the brown hairs, who plays the twins) and she is really adorable! her girlfriend too :)

such a sweetheart. :heart:

now i love this movie more and more :blush: i don't understand how that's possible but it does! XD

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