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Dolph Lundgren

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Actor and director Dolph Lundgren, originally Hans Lundgren, was born on November 3, 1957 in Stockholm, Sweden. He has two sister and one younger brother, all of whom still live in Sweden.

Lundgren has long been an imposing physical force, holding a 3rd degree Black Belt and winning multiple championships in the same. He was also a member of an elite marine unit, the Amphibious Rangers, during his compulsory service in Sweden, managing to hit the rank of conscript corporal. His experience with physical pursuits even gave Lundgren the opportunity to serve as head of the U.S. Olympic Modern Pentathlon team in 1996.

Yet despite his often bodily-oriented roles over the years Lundgren has a significant brain to match his muscles: he speaks Swedish, English, Spanish, French, Spanish and smattering of Italian and Japanese.

Lundgren is also a graduate from the Royal Institute of Technology with a master’s degree in chemical engineering, attained from University of Sydney in 1982. He even managed to snag a scholarship to continue his studies in the United States, though he abandoned those studies quickly to pursue his real passion: acting. post-35656-0-1446068464-09273_thumb.jpg

To this end Lundgren made his debut in 1985, appearing in the James Bon movie A View to a Kill. His role was minor only – a muscle-bound henchman – though it was enough to put Lundgren’s name on the map. Soon after he managed to snag the role that would define Lundgren’s career from then on, that of Ivan Drago in the movie Rocky IV. He appeared as the penultimate rival to star Sylvester Stallone. Stallone has since noted that Lundgren, as a result of his intense training for the part, hit Stallone hard enough to cause a hospital visit.

Lundgren’s first lead role came in 1987 when he appeared as He-Man in the movie based on the popular cartoon show Masters of the Universe. This, coupled with Rocky, set the tone for Lundgren’s movies, as he would continuously be cast in action roles: Showdown in Little Tokyo, The Punisher, Men of War and Universal Soldier all followed this trend, among others. Lundgren largely became typecast as a tough guy alongside other such muscle men the likes of Arnold Schwarzenneger, though his image as such hasn’t lasted as long.

During the time of his greatest popularity Lundgren married jewelry designer Anette Qviberg. They’ve enjoyed 14 years of marriage to date and produced two children, both daughters.

Lundgren has also proven a capable director, starting in his 2004 film The Defender. He has gone on to direct four other films, including his 2007 film Missionary Man which he also wrote.

Lundgren’s movie roles have slowed down since the 1990’s, and most of his appearances in recent years have come in movies he has directed.


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