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Agnieszka Chylinska


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Agnieszka Chylinska (born 23 May, 1976 in Gdansk) is a Polish rock singer and columnist (she writes for the Polish magazine Machina).

From 1994 until 2003 Chylińska was the vocalist with Polish rock band O.N.A. She has also been one of the judges in the Polish edition of Got Talent franchise called Mam talent!.

In 2004 Agnieszka's first solo album Winna (Guilty) was released (it sold 33,000 copies).

Currently, Agnieszka is finishing work on her new album with the Plan B duet (i.e. former members of the Polish R&B band, Sistars).

agnieszkachylinskazdjec.th.jpg 358759fb187.th.jpg chylinska200406152828ga.th.jpg 11366d1ef0c53a0f62d.th.jpg agnieszkachylinskaa1156.th.jpg an195a1905a.th.jpg bcd6c11d00051ff84697107.th.jpg chylinska7a1e82e.th.jpg 24332a2943d.th.jpg chylinska5a2bbe9.th.jpg chylinska4a2d08a.th.jpg n4688fd6d00d9b0b145471f.th.jpg z5986075xa39d50.th.jpg


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This year, Agnieszka released her second solo album, Modern Rocking. And while her debut album, Winna (Guilty), recorded with two members of her previous rock band O.N.A. basically contained hard rock material, this time Agnieszka recorded 9 dance-pop songs, providing a shock to most of her fans. The album was produced by a duo Plan B (i.e. two members of a great Polish R&B band, Sistars).

Here's a great song off Agnieszka's new album, "Powiedz" ("Say"):

Here's my free translation of the lyrics to this song:


say just a word and I'll dare to be myself

say just a word and I'll dare to be with you

say just a word and I'll dare to be myself


1st Verse

it's time, it's yet another sign

you can't live just like that

when there's nothing in your heart

there was a time when fate scorned me

a time when fear laughed in my eyes

today the tears came and it's so hard for me

so hard for me again

2nd Verse

there are days when everything yells it's wrong

days when everyone's silent in a bad moment

sometimes it's worth waiting so many years

to see it, to hear it for the first time

Last Chorus

say just a word and I'll dare to be myself

please tell me, please confess to me

say just a word, just a word

just one word, tell me just a word

say just a word, just a word, just a word

say eventually - you and me...

And here's the video for the first single, "Nie moge Cie zapomniec" ("I Can't Forget You"):

I personally think that this song sounds a lot like a blend of Daft Punk and 2000's Madonna.

Again, my translation of the lyrics:

1st Verse

to love you is to have a thorn in the heart and feel it hurt each day

every step hurts me, every thought, I bear it with me each day

how do I tear you out of my heart? it's like not living anymore and not knowing what fear is

maybe it's time for this thorn to bloom in us


I want to give you so much

I want you to have me

nothing can happen to us now

you're not alone

nothing can happen to us now

it's time, today

I open myself and I want you to be, I want you to be here

I can't forget you

2nd Verse

night and evil - let it sleep, let it thrill

and you come now, you be, you sleep

now I'm not afraid to take what's good

now I'm not afraid because you love me

Modern Rocking booklet photos (my scans)

mr004.th.jpg mr001.th.jpg mr002.th.jpg mr003.th.jpg

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