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Saving TV Shows

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hey guys well i i need help well i have this epesodes of the oc in my comp and i want to save them in a cd or something but the but the mb is to big how can i make it smaller ot can i put them in a zip folder and save them and were do i save them in a cd or dvd ? or is there programs for this kind of stuff well if u can help it would be lots of help thanx :)

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In order to fit them onto a regular 700/650mb cd you will need to encode them to a smaller size. I would recommend DivX or Xvid as they seem to keep the file size low with minimal quality loss. If you are trying to burn an entire season to a single cd, you are looking at major quality loss, to the tune of 90% or somewhere around there for each episode.

Doctor DivX can encode video's to divx for you as well as WinAvi, and many other things, neither of these are free by the way. With WinAvi, you must have the proper codecs already installed on your computer to be able to9 use them for encoding.

If you plan on trying to watch these on your dvd player or something on your tv after burning these to disc, I would suggest not shrinking them all that much, as the smaller you make them, the lower resolution on your tv set they will become. Meaning it will look terrible.

As for burning them to disc once you have encoded them, if you have a cd burner, it should have come with some form of software to assist you in creating a cd/dvd. Open this software and simply follow the step by step instructions all cd/dvd burning software provides for you. There are also other popular software out there that can make your task much easier such as Nero, which provides you with a multitude of options, other than simply burning a regular disc.

If you have never burned a cd, that is a small problem to fix, but if you have never encoded something before, that is a slightly larger problem to fix, as it takes some bit of knowledge to know what to do. I would suggest, searching google or yahoo, for tips or guides on encoding video.

Just a reminder,you will get more clicks on your thread if you include in the topic title, exactly what the browser expects to find inside. ;)

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Capt is a genius. He can answer any question even if he has minimal information.

I would have asked you, skaterboyVs12 what format do you currently use to store the films. mpg? Or avi, mov?

How big are the files now?

When you say "cd or something" - does something mean DVD?

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