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Arthur Sales


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and riviera, as always i'm sure you agree... those red pants are just.


yes they are :shifty:

i am a bit dissapointed about the L'Officiel Hommes issue

i felt they could have do so much more with arthur then they did ..

mostly ppl remember becuz of the blackface instead of becuz of arthur

they were some good ed's though just nothing outstanding

I totally agree with evrything you guys said. talk about a letdown of epic proportions! they had athur for two months exclusive and that all they could do? pretty average at best if you ask me.

Yeah, I went online and looked at Arthur's photos, it wasn't that special. They could've done alot better with him, 'cause he's hot 'n all... :(

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don't like this all that much

although i'm very happy to see arthur get so much work i feel that the stuff he's done lately don't do him justice

i think he needs to do editorials/campaigns with some class (high fashion) to them

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yes much better then when he first started,in the beginning he had this permanent blue steel thing going on

now he's more natural but still showing personality wich to me is his best feature

just liker fran he always looks like he"s having fun

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Arty is being underrated. It's pretty undeniable that he is a force to be reckoned with. He's really bubbling under the surface right about now but I know he'll get a MUCH better chance than the L, Homme editorial. The styling and set ups were just subpar and more "meh," than anything. Arty still churned out some fierce photos though.

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Frankie Morello Sexywear SS 2010

lol @ the name! seriously frankie morello, seriously! but nice to see arthur doing what he's born to do.

I hate the L'officiel spread though but the teddy is cute.

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