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Anyone any ideas for any of these

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I've posted some of these a little while ago with no luck but there are a couple of new ones

1 post-21426-1251407397_thumb.jpg - Not sure if this is the same person as picture 2

2 post-21426-1251407423_thumb.jpg

3 post-21426-1251407441_thumb.jpg

4 post-21426-1251407458_thumb.jpg - Wearing a baby soft fragrance t-shirt but not sure if part of an advertising campaign

5 post-21426-1251407473_thumb.jpg

6 post-21426-1251407485_thumb.jpg

7 post-21426-1251407499_thumb.jpg

8 post-21426-1251407519_thumb.jpg - This is from the Sensual Mystique catalogue

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