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Sandra Izbasa

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Full name: Sandra Raluca Izbaşa

Country Represented: Romania

Date of birth: June 18, 1990 (1990-06-18) (age 18)

Place of birth: Bucharest

Height: 164 centimetres (5 ft 5 in)

Discipline: Women's Artistic Gymnastics

Level: Senior

Club: C.S.A-C.S.S. 3 Steaua Bucharest

Fansite: http://sandraizbasa.wordpress.com/

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She participated at the Beijing Olympic Games and obtained the gold medal at the floor exercise.

th_04311_sandraicelebutopia13_122_232lo.jpg th_04322_sandraicelebutopia10_122_578lo.jpg th_04324_sandraicelebutopia11_122_1093lo.jpg th_04330_sandraicelebutopia12_122_460lo.jpg th_04341_sandraicelebutopia1_122_667lo.jpg th_04375_sandraicelebutopia14_122_124lo.jpg th_04378_sandraicelebutopia15_122_474lo.jpg th_04380_sandraicelebutopia16_122_973lo.jpg

th_04623_sandraicelebutopia23_122_1153lo.jpg th_04625_sandraicelebutopia18_122_256lo.jpg th_04627_sandraicelebutopia19_122_980lo.jpg th_04633_sandraicelebutopia2_122_635lo.jpg th_04654_sandraicelebutopia20_122_559lo.jpg th_04655_sandraicelebutopia21_122_336lo.jpg th_04658_sandraicelebutopia22_122_365lo.jpg

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th_05284_sandraicelebutopia33_122_671lo.jpg th_05303_sandraicelebutopia37_122_840lo.jpg th_05311_sandraicelebutopia4_122_1129lo.jpg th_05324_sandraicelebutopia5_122_48lo.jpg th_05506_sandraicelebutopia8_122_8lo.jpg th_05513_sandraicelebutopia6_122_893lo.jpg th_04994_sandraicelebutopia26_122_1010lo.jpg

th_sandraicelebutopia9.jpg/monthly_08_2009/post-10565-0-1445992109-04761_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2437606" alt="post-10565-0-1445992109-04761_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="68.16">

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