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Mozilla troubleshooting.

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1. How can I "right-click and save-as" on links to videos?

In IE, this is possible. Using Mozilla, I can only left-click to download videos.

Certain videos, ie. QUicktime videos, cannot be downloaded and can only be played.

2. How do I retrieve certain videos from the cookies?

3. How do i switch between the different user profiles?

Many thanks for answering my queries.

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Hi and welcome nematode!

1. Right-click + save link as should work. Some videos although are protected. The owners don't want you to save them.

Could you show a link which you can't save?

2. I don't understand the question. Cookies don't store videos.

3. Start firefox this way:

firefox.exe -profilemanager

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Hi Avenger, many thanks for the welcome and the quick response!

1. Any link that shows a quick-time video can't be saved.

You want me to show? Takes me quite a while to find the link.

2. Cookies store videos, albeit in IE.

3.Yeah, I clicked on the profile, it doesn't work.

Could I trouble you for a step-by-step intruction?

Once again, thanks for taking your time to reply!

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2. Maybe when you say cookies - you mean cache (temporary Internet files)?

If no: please clarify what you mean or wait for someone who understands the question.

If yes:

Watch the video.

Immediately after finishing go to your cache folder.

Order the files - newest first. The big one is the video.

Rename it to : anything.*

*= you have to guess the extension of vid. The player used helps.

If your browser used quicktime to play it than it's a mov.

If your browser used media player than it can be mpeg, wmv and avi

This little program can also help, just drag and drop the file you've found in the cache


Now you have the video.



Currently mozilla.org seems to be down. Check it out later.

I personally don't use it. I have one profile and that's enough for me.

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