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I did a search and couldn't find a previous topic on this, so I thought I'd start one by saying I've always wanted to see a Broadway play and finally got the opportunity Saturday night. I saw "Wicked" at the Gershwin Theatre and it was great! The story was creative and funny, the lead actresses were phenomenal, there were tons of gorgeous 18-25ish women, and Oprah was in the audience. :laugh:

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Wicked is one of my fave musicals and books. I love everything about it. I am not so much a fan since the OBC left but I do enjoy it.

Idina Menzel is amazing!(the part was written for her as far as I know) Not alot of great quality videos on youtube =/

Another amazing one is Phantom of The Opera of course :p

Rocky Horror Picture show pops up every couple years and I highly HIGHLY recommend seeing it live.

That's all I can think of right now which is strange lol. I am soo tired xD

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OBC? Off-Broadway... something? But the Broadway staging of "Defying Gravity" is much different than that Letterman performance, which wasn't nearly as dramatic as what I saw (or maybe that's just a bias from being in the audience). This version is more like it and it gives the entire segment, and is pretty good for probably being shot on a camera phone. :laugh:

But I would love to see a comedy on Broadway. Something along the lines of "Lost in Yonkers" or "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead." Both are hilarious.

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^ Oh okay, I thought it might have had something to do with a national tour, but I should have been able to guess that. :pinch: But I loved the two leads I saw (Dee Roscioli, who was the former lead in the Chicago performances, and Alli Mauzey, who had her final performance the next day) and walked out of the theater thinking you couldn't cast those two parts any better. :laugh:

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^ Really? :o Why? Because I just read that the new Gah-linda on Broadway is the Glinda from the Chicago run, so the Broadway version is now like a Chicago reunion. :nicole: But maybe the two leads you saw in Chicago were a previous incarnation of the cast (from several years ago, maybe?) and the two leads now on Broadway are different actresses...

But I think this play has killed the Wizard of Oz film for me. The next time I see it and the Wicked Witch of the West shows up, I'm just going to think, "Poor Elphaba." :rofl:

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