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late 70's early 80's MILK ad


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I've been searching for this photo for years... cannot find ANY picture on the net.

Milk tanker trucks, and ads in early 80's (in Arizona at least) showed a beautiful brunette in aerobics wear with legwarmers on, and a towel over her neck, if I remember correctly.... sitting on floor? with one leg crossed over in front

This was VERY EARLY "Milk, it does a body good..." campaign (again, if memory serves), but again, I have searched Google and Bing images (1000's) and not found this picture using MILK with LEOTARDS, LEGWARMERS, 'DOES A BODY', 1980's, VINTAGE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN, etc...

Stumbled upon your site, and thought maybe someone could help.

This photo would be nice, with name even better

Thanks in advance.


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