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Official Name: 4Minute 포미닛

"To debut as 5 members (including Hyun A), members of 4Minute will show off their individual charisma on stage within the time - 4Minute. the other hidden meaning of the group' name - For (a) minute, also indicate that the members strives to perform to the best in every minute, every second."

With most members born in the 1990 and the youngest member, So Hyun, who is mere 16 years old, 4Minute is a group filled with 5 girls with average age of 18.

The concept of 4Minute differ from the other current mainstream girl groups where the former would hold a concept of Candy Funky.

Members' Profile

Stage Name: Ji Hyun 지현

Real Name: Nam Ji Hyun

Birthdate: Jan 1st, 1990

Height: 167cm

Weight: 49kg

Position in the Group: Leader, Vocal

Stage Name: Ga Yoon 가윤

Real Name: Seo Ga Yoon

Birthdate: May 18, 1990

Height: 165cm

Weight: 47kg

Position in the Group: Vocal

Stage Name: Ji Yoon 지윤

Real Name/: Kim Ji Yoon

Birthdate: Oct 15, 1990

Height: 165cm

Weight: 47kg

Position in the Group: Vocal

Stage Name: HyunA 현아

Real Name: Kim HyunA

Nicknames: Sexy Ya Seng Mah (Sexy Little Wild Horse), Ya A

Birthdate: June 6, 1992

Position in the Group: Rap

Height: 163cm

Weight: 45kg

Blood type: O

Language: Mandarin, Korean

Hobby: Cooking, Designing, Photography

Favorite Artistes: Beyonce、Pussycat Dolls、Rain、BoA

Favorite Color: Yellow

Former Group: Wonder Girls

Stage Name: So Hyun 소현

Real Name: Kwon So Hyun

Birthdate: Aug 30, 1994

Position in the Group: Vocal

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Omg. Hearing Hyunah in Tell Me was....all kinda of wrong and awful.I'd rather the leader Ji-yoon get mroe lines. But the girl who did SoHee's lines did it even better. Hyunah needs to stop with that nasal/whiny voice or not get any other lines that the rap. Which was bad too. I just hope these girls dont get lost in the overload of girl groups in Kpop now

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