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Four Brothers

Capt Snow

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Four Brothers Official Site


Mark Wahlberg .....Bobby

Tyrese Gibson .....Angel

Andre 3000 .....Jeremiah

Garrett Hedlund .....Jack


John Singleton

Release Date:

August 12, 2005




Plot Outline:

(Courtesy Official Site)

After their adoptive mother is murdered during a grocery store holdup, the Mercer brothers, hotheaded Bobby (Mark Wahlberg), hard-edged Angel (Tyrese Gibson), family man and businessman Jeremiah (Andre Benjamin), and hard rocking Jack (Garret Hedlund) reunite to take the matter of her death into their own hands. As they track down the killer, they quickly realize that their old ways of doing business have new consequences. In this character-driven action-drama from acclaimed director John Singleton ("Boyz N the Hood," "2 Fast 2 Furious") and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura ("Constantine"), four brothers come together to discover that they are bound by ties thicker than blood.

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I haven't seen all of it yet - it is yet to be released here in the netherlands...but I have seen the second part and webisodes and I love it..

:wub: mainly because I am a HUGE fan of the gorgeous Garrett - who plays the youngest brother Jack. I knew that when I heard he was going to play Jack, the movie would be so good! lol

Anyways - if anyone wants to see screencaps - visit the Hedlund-Daily.com gallery =)


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The film does an admirable job of stomping on a few cinematic racial stereotypes. The good guys aren’t all white; the bad guys aren’t all black. And while no one should look to “Four Brothers” as a message movie, it is a gritty, absorbing film that’s – for the most part - worth seeing.

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