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Elizaveta Boyarskaya


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Elizaveta Boyarskaya

Date of Birth: 20 December 1985, Leningrad, USSR [now St. Petersburg, Russia]

Trivia: Daughter of actors Mikhail Boyarsky and Larisa Luppian.


Filmography by year for

# Admiral (2008) [Actress .... Anna]

... aka Адмиралъ (Russia)

... aka The Admiral (International: English title: informal title)

# Ironiya sudby. Prodolzhenie (2007) [Actress .... Nadyusha] (as Liza Boyarskaya)

... aka Ирония судьбы-2 (Russia)

... aka Ironiya sudby-2 (Russia: alternative transliteration)

... aka The Irony of Fate 2 (International: English title)

... aka The Irony of Fate. The Sequel (International: English title: informal title)

# Park Sovetskogo perioda (2006) [Actress] (as Liza Boyarskaya)

... aka Парк Советского периода (Russia)

... aka Soviet Park (International: English title)

# Grozovye vorota (2006) (TV) [Actress] (as E. Boyarskaya)

... aka Грозовые ворота (Russia)

... aka The Storm Gate (International: English title: informal title)

# "Yunkera" (2006) TV mini-series [Actress] (as Elizabeta Boyarskaya)

... aka "Юнкера" (Russia)

... aka "The Cadets" (International: English title: literal title)

# Pervyy posle Boga (2005) [Actress .... Tanka] (as Liza Boyarskaya)

... aka Первый после Бога (Russia)

... aka The First After God (International: English title: informal title)

# Svoya chuzhaya zhizn (2005) (TV) [Actress .... Françoise Faberge]

... aka Своя чужая жизнь (Russia)

... aka To Live for Another (International: English title: informal title)

# "Uboynaya sila: Overtaim (#6.5)" (2005) TV Episode [Actress .... Liza] (as Liza Boyarskaya)

# Der Untergang (2004) [Actress .... Schwester Erna] (as Lisa Boyarskaya)

... aka Downfall (UK) (USA)

... aka La caduta - Gli ultimi giorni di Hitler (Italy)

... aka The Downfall (literal English title)

... aka The Downfall: Hitler and the End of the Third Reich (USA)

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