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Konstantin Lavronenko

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Russian actor. Born - 20 april 1961 (Rostov-on-Don).

Got 2 famous awards:

Cannes Film Festival (2007) - film "Izgnanie" (Best Actor)

Gijón International Film Festival (2003) - film "Vozvrashcheniye" (Best Actor)


1. Prikazano unichtozhit. Operatsiya 'Kitayskaya shkatulka' (2009) (TV)

2. "Isayev" (2008) TV series .... Vasiliy Bluecher (2008)

3. Novaya Zemlya (2008) .... Zhilin

... aka Новая Земля (Russia)

... aka Terra Nova (International: English title)

4. "Likvidatsiya" (2007) TV series .... Chekan

... aka "Ликвидация" (Russia)

5. Nas ne dogonish (2007)

... aka Нас не догонишь (Russia)

... aka Not Gonna Get Us (International: English title: informal title)

... aka You Won't Get Us (International: English title: literal title)

6. Izgnanie (2007) .... Alex

... aka Изгнание (Russia)

... aka The Banishment (International: English title)

7. Nankinskiy peyzazh (2006) .... Aleksandr

... aka Нанкинский пейзаж (Russia)

8. Mistrz (2005) .... Master Aleksandr Sapalov

... aka Der Meister (Germany)

... aka The Master (International: English title)

9. Archangel (2005) (TV) .... Josef

10. Vozvrashcheniye (2003) .... Father

... aka The Return (International: English title) (USA)

... aka Возвращение (Russia)

11. Sochineniye ko dnyu pobedy (1998)

... aka Composition for Victory Day (International: English title: informal literal title)

12. Andryusha (1992) (as Konstantin Lovronjenko) .... Kostja/Kostya

13. Yeshchyo lyublyu, yeshchyo nadeyus (1985)







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