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손담비 Son Dam Bi


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Date of birth : Sep. 25, 1983

Height : 169

Weight : 48

Blood type : Type O

BIOGRAPHY: Our featured artiste this week is Son Dam Bi. Debuting in 2007 and labelled as the female "Bi", Son Dam Bi had it all – powerful voice, dynamic dance moves, and attractive appearance. Her debut was anticipated by those who had a glimpse of her sensational persona on TV commercials. Unlike some of female singers who appeal to the audience with only their sexy demeanor, Son complements her dancing with energetic hip hop music and steady vocal, as evidenced by her debut song "Cry Eye". She also demonstrated that she had a softer side by taking part in the original soundtrack project for online game Priston Tale 2. Taking the combativeness out of her voice, her alluring and soft singing in the OST album perfectly suited the mysterious atmosphere of the game. 2008 has been a busy year for Son Dam Bi as she has had very high exposure. At the end of April, she released her 1st mini-album with the cute hit song "Bad Boy". However, like her previous songs, "Bad Boy" did not hit the top 20. Later in the summer, she released a digital single which is a very nice ballad "Invisible Person", showing a different side of her. Son Dam Bi has even ventured into the electronica genre in her latest album, proving that she is one the most versatile singers today. Her tireless effort finally paid off, as her latest song "Become Crazy" was her very first top-5 hit. This time she has gone for a sexier image. Musically, she got help from The Brave Brothers, the hottest songrwriters in Korea now, and Shinhwa's Eric also helped writing the lyrics and also the rap part of the song. With this all-star cast behind her, Son Dam Bi is finally able to make a big jump in her career and we expect her to have many hits to come in the future.

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