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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


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This has to be the single greatest show currently running on TV.

Sadly it's in grave danger of cancellation.

Season 2 finale airs April 10, 2009. Let's end the season with a bang.

Hopefully, they'll keep it.

It CAN'T BE!!! :shock: I saw last night episode and it was spectacular was full of surprises and full of suspense!!.How they can cancel a marvelous show like this one??Well isn't something new Knight Rider season 2 probably will be cancelled before it's starts ,i can't believe this :( . No way season 3 will be bettest as well...so no cancellation :no:

And of course i choose Sarah Connor :yes:

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I just finished watching the season finale two hours ago. I am still in awe.

It was the greatest episode of the season.

I jizzed in my pants.

Exactly Man!! i cannot believe how souch spectacular saga have low ratings with episodes like this one .Was Outstanding!! also a very special moment i feeled when John travel to the Future with Miss weaver aka T-1000,and he reunite with Derek,his Father ,kyle and the most impressive.. see Cameron again i guess as a human this time.I signed today on wiki to see if we can reach at least 300 votes for season 3 i guess this saga deserves not 3 but,4,5,6,7,8,9 more season like Xena reach 10,and i know we do our best to make that happen isn't TooBoku?? :)

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The official Fall 2009 has been released. TSCC is not on there.

Two possible explanations for this: 1, Dollhouse is a hell of a lot cheaper to shoot. 2, Eliza Dushku is sleeping with Kevin Reilly.

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