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Guy with long hair?

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Hi! Do you like boys with long hair? So... Me too. But...

I don't know many...

Maybe.... you can.... indicate to me models or actors? ... No preference, just the long hair xD

PS: Bartek is amazing, huh? <3 :blush:

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i only date with guys with long hair :laugh:

i loooove it so much!

travis fimmel was amazing with his long hair.

by the way i really like Adam Lundberg, Paul Boche, Tyler Scevers (when he had long hair, i don't like his face with short hair), Christian Brille, Boyd Holbrook (with long hair too), James Rousseau :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: , Bob Ter Horst, Jamie Burke, Robert Monteiro is not bad boo, Henzo Hulle Tiussie (with long hair), David (Dave) Genat, Jamie Bower, Tomek Szczukiecki, Jacey Elthalion, Marius Hordijk (but i like him only in the magazines...), James Crabtreem (my favourite! i don't know why but actually i only fantasm on men who are more than 40 years old... ) and many other guys...

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I love Justin Z look



and this feminine look :heart:


You said Rick Mora



I really hope the photos will be seen, it's my first try with this forum.

If you like I'll bring more :)

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