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Alice Nine


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Alice Nine


Alice Nine (アリス九號. , or alice nine.) is a visual kei rock band from Japan. It was formed in 2004 and originally signed to PS Company, a sub-division of Free-Will. As of 2007, the band is signed to both PS Company and King Records in Japan, as well as to German label CLJ Records in Europe and has released three full-length records, along with several EPs, singles and DVDs.


Shou (将) – vocals

Hiroto (ヒロト) – guitar

Tora (虎) – guitar

Saga (沙我) – bass guitar, backing vocals

Nao (ナオ) – drums

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Saga is... :sex: and this habbit calling every fan girl his "wife"... we all have a chance :drool: LOL

my favorite member is Tora :heart: songs...there are so many- "Fantasy", "Ruri No Ame", "Gin No Tsuki Kuroi Hoshi", "Yami Ni Chiru Sakura", "Jelly Fish" & "Blue Planet" come to my mind...it's interesting to see them going from Visua-Kei to a more mainstream JRock sound. I think it works for them :hehe: my destination is Japan as well, I'm pretty sure that I'm weird enough :laugh:


post-3083-1237401161_thumb.jpg post-3083-1237401210_thumb.jpg post-3083-1237401253_thumb.jpg

post-3083-1237401312_thumb.jpg post-3083-1237401357_thumb.jpg post-3083-1237401400_thumb.jpg

post-3083-1237401449_thumb.jpg post-3083-1237401515_thumb.jpg post-3083-1237401577_thumb.jpg

post-3083-1237401624_thumb.jpg post-3083-1237401677_thumb.jpg post-3083-1237401728_thumb.jpg

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