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Isaac Carew

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Height: 6'22/ 1.91

Chest: 35/ 89

Waist: 30/ 76

Collar: 15/38

Suit: 38R/ 48

Shoe: 11/ 45

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

NevsModel, New Madison




Isaac Carew is one British model to look out for . He's only been modelling less than 7 months and has already featured in Milan mens fashion week. Currently under the employ of Abercrombie and used to be a chef...

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(Alessandro Dell'Acqua FW09, C.P COMPANY FW09, John Richmond FW09)


His Interview:

What has ur experience been like so far?

Eventful and expensive. Sometimes I'll do a job and have to wait months for my money which hasn't been fun especially around Christmas. But I've met loads of cool people and a couple of d**k heads(laughs) especially in Milan.

What do you intend to achieve before your modelling career is up?

Have enough money for a deposit on a house, to get the Levi's campaign and a wardrobe full of free clothes.

What next after your modelling career is over?

Before I started modelling I was a chef for Gordan Ramsey in London and Miami, so I could always go back to that.

When you're not at work in the studio doing a shoot or on the runway what is the typical YOU up to?

Lazying about in bed watching my extensive DVD collection, going for walks around Shoreditch and you will always find me at Trailer Trash on a Friday evening.

Source: Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle Aficionado

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