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Katherine Jenkins

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Brought up in Neath, South Wales, by the time Katherine was seven her interest in pop music had been superseded by classical music. She started taking piano lessons and joined her local church choir. Over the next ten years she represented Wales on three occasions in the Choirgirl of the Year Competition, winning the BBC Radio 2 Welsh Choirgirl of the Year Competition twice and the BET Welsh Choirgirl of the Year. Between 1990 and 1996, Katherine was a loyal member of The Royal School of Church Music Cathedral Singers where she achieved her St Cecilia Award - their highest award, and was also a member of the National Youth Choir of Wales for three years.

After achieving nine A grade GCSE's, Katherine passed four A Levels including Welsh. Her music went from strength to strength and she achieved Grade 8 distinctions in both singing and piano. She was awarded the Pelenna Valley Male Voice Choir Scholarship for most promising young singer and won the 'Singer of the Year' prize at the Gorseinon

College Festival of Voice. She was only 17 when she won a scholarship to London's Royal Academy of Music where she graduated with Honours. At the R.A.M. she studied Italian, German, French and Russian, played Cherubino in Mozart's 'The Marriage of Figaro', Dorabella in 'Cosi fan Tutte' and Carmen in 'Carmen'. After she was voted The Face of Wales by the Welsh public she supplemented her grant by modelling. "My mum saw the competition in our local paper and she sent in two pictures for fun, and I got through to the final. I did quite a lot of make up and hair modelling. It was a way of earning money and supporting my studies but I knew it wasn't ever going to supplant music."

Six years ago Katherine was performing a Christmas concert with her college choir at the Brangwyn Hall in Swansea. As she hit the high note in 'O Holy Night' there was an enormous bang. The audience ducked worried that they were being shot at. A true professional, Katherine just carried on singing, even as tiny shards of glass showered around her. Her voice had cracked one of the chandeliers above the stage. "I haven't done it since," she giggles," but I shall have to start practising at home to get the right frequency."

source: www.katherinejenkins.co.uk

41124073jenkins2208ct4al.th.jpg 41185593jenkins1pa2201wv7sq.th.jpg 41185595jenkinsyellowpa2202lr1.th.jpg aasilverclef0045kw3qq.th.jpg aasilverclef0052xb6az.th.jpg aasilverclef0251uq7lp.th.jpg aasilverclef0267ii1vp.th.jpg aasilverclef0275tl4ld.th.jpg aasilverclef0286yk0wz.th.jpg aasilverclef0292qp5pq.th.jpg aasilverclef0303py4my.th.jpg katherinejenkinsbrits12sb3hd.th.jpg katherinejenkinsclassicalbrita.th.jpg katherinejenkinsclassicalbrita1.th.jpg

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God made her face all Smooshed together...mm cute if your into those kinda gurls

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@ Montblanc "Night Of The Stars" Gala on February 2, 2007

27c60573778276.gif 3daec173778357.gif aaa49673778413.gif 38ad7573778499.gif f009cc73778595.gif 59373e73778692.gif f1d20f73778786.gif 67b74173778957.gif e5815773779012.gif 1aedce73779093.gif fec68e73779164.gif 48e04773779245.gif d6c32273779299.gif f1d51a73779404.gif

@ Variety Club Showbiz Awards 2007

f6a38073780504.gif d2b58e73780582.gif 23fb0f73780667.gif 81c48e73780703.gif dbc1fe73780747.gif d3be1573780821.gif 9e48ea73780865.gif e6c84173780937.gif 2d7b4973780995.gif a640cf73781048.gif

British Academy Television Awards 2008 - April 20th 2008

th_47629_Katherine_Jenkins_2008-04-20_-__British_Academy_Television_Awards_2008_420_122_349lo.JPG th_47633_Katherine_Jenkins_2008-04-20_-__British_Academy_Television_Awards_2008_630_122_729lo.jpg th_47640_Katherine_Jenkins_2008-04-20_-__British_Academy_Television_Awards_2008_948_122_922lo.jpg th_47641_Katherine_Jenkins_2008-04-20_-__British_Academy_Television_Awards_2008_452_122_564lo.jpg th_47643_Katherine_Jenkins_2008-04-20_-__British_Academy_Television_Awards_2008_122_793lo.JPG

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@ Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London on June 3, 2008

66026373779480.gif a5edb973779618.gif 1c630f73779717.gif 7cc49e73779883.gif 15d14773780018.gif e39f0f73780147.gif fe1c5a73780211.gif 6247a573780323.gif

@ "Fashion For Relief" at London Fashion Week on September 17, 2008

96b2a473785053.gif 7ce1c673785171.gif 27a7b473785212.gif dddc2d73785288.gif 8da58473785360.gif ac0cc573785407.gif b4895373785453.gif 98364a73785546.gif fb83e473785744.gif 4b257973786054.gif

Album Launch HMV Harrods , London , 20 October 2008

th_38221_kj20101_122_227lo.jpg th_38231_kj20102_122_579lo.jpg th_38304_kj20103_122_182lo.jpg th_38309_kj20104_122_835lo.jpg th_38378_kj20105_122_650lo.jpg th_38391_kj20106_122_647lo.jpg

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performs at Royal Albert Hall in London on December 9, 2008

3fc7ea73784488.gif 3da13d73784510.gif 9213a373784547.gif 1a138873784577.gif 05017473784625.gif 81025273784669.gif e0be4f73784737.gif 67e7e073784777.gif 44bd2f73784824.gif 8a1ed373784843.gif 6f885473784872.gif 23b15273784904.gif 074e2373784927.gif

Winter Sale at Harrods in London,December 27 2008

th_09173_kj27121_122_994lo.jpg th_09187_kj27122_122_1029lo.jpg th_09436_kj27123_122_1144lo.jpg th_09543_kj27124_122_737lo.jpg th_09556_kj27125_122_760lo.jpg

th_09680_kj27126_122_355lo.jpg th_09689_kj27127_122_460lo.jpg th_09927_kj27128_122_504lo.jpg th_10040_kj27129_122_64lo.jpg th_10044_kj271210_122_634lo.jpg th_10114_kj271211_122_77lo.jpg

th_10208_kj271212_122_217lo.jpg th_10210_kj271213_122_250lo.jpg th_10335_kj271214_122_471lo.jpg th_10337_kj271215_122_1147lo.jpg th_10428_kj271216_122_86lo.jpg

Classical Brit Awards 2009 May 14th 2009

th_42950_celeb-city.org-The_Elder-Katherine_Jenkins_2009-05-14_-_Classical_Brit_Awards_2009_622_122_1054lo.jpg th_42959_celeb-city.org-The_Elder-Katherine_Jenkins_2009-05-14_-_Classical_Brit_Awards_2009_738_122_1042lo.jpg th_42961_celeb-city.org-The_Elder-Katherine_Jenkins_2009-05-14_-_Classical_Brit_Awards_2009_849_122_245lo.jpg th_42986_celeb-city.org-The_Elder-Katherine_Jenkins_2009-05-14_-_Classical_Brit_Awards_2009_359_122_62lo.jpg th_43045_celeb-city.org-The_Elder-Katherine_Jenkins_2009-05-14_-_Classical_Brit_Awards_2009_962_122_550lo.jpg th_43128_celeb-city.org-The_Elder-Katherine_Jenkins_2009-05-14_-_Classical_Brit_Awards_2009_122_560lo.jpg

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