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lupoline fine lingerie models

seb astien

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I don't believe that's correct.  There are a bunch of images label with that name: Ewelina Hylin THAT ARE NOT HER. In other words, multiple different models all have the same name.  That's called "frustration" at searching many years for the right name match, and eventually just taking the closest but inaccurate one.  Once it goes viral, game over on accuracy.


Let's get some evidence the original model asked for really is Ewelina Hylin (not be be confused with Ewelina Hyslinka, or Sylvia Balicka)


This may help


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Correct.  It's a very early career shoot for a very busy Sylwia. Her shoots include: Ava 2011, Ewlon 2011, Gatta 2009, Gorteks 2013/2014, Konrad 2012/2013, Meriell Club 2012, Nessa 2012... and a bunch more.


SBGorteks 2014 - 811.jpg SBKonrad 2012 - 170.jpg SBVerano 2013 - 5090.jpg
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