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Supermodel Diva

The GazettE

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the band was founded in 2002. They signed a contract with disographic house Matina and published their first single "Wakaremichi"

In early 2003. their drummer Yune decided to leave the band and was replaced by Kai. A while later, they signed a contract with PS Company.They had couple of albums and a lot of singles and their latest album is Stacked Rubbish. After that, they published another single-Guren and the latest is Leech (another one is going to come out in march this year)




Position: vocal

Birthdate: 1. februar, 1982.

Piercings: 5 right ear

height: 162cm (5'2'')

Birth place: Kanagawa, Japan

Past: he wanted to be a fireman and worked at 'Royal host' restorant

Favorite perfume: BVLGARI, CO2

Cigarette: Pianissimo

Favorite drink: apple juice

Favorite food: spagetti

Disliked food: green paprika, beans, strawberries

Collection: Harugin Silver

Collects: contact lenses and hats

Favorite type of woman: cute, wonderful

Disliked type of woman: stupid, dingy

Favorite subjects: english and japanese

Hobby: Shopping

Favorite season: winter

Favorite brand: PINK DRAGON, THE GAMBLER$, Anticlass, Creamsoda, RUDE GALLERY, Harugin

Favorite color: gold, red, black, purple, silver, pink

Favorite animal: dog (Chihuahua), cat

Message: Begin from the worst.

Favorite phrase: "Did you lose it? Hah?"



Position: guitar

Real name: Takashima Kouyou

Birthdate: 9. jun, 1981.

Piercings:4 right ear, 5 left ear

Birth place: Shonan, Kanagawa, Japan

Favorite perfume: BVLGARI, Gucci Rush

Cigarette: Marlboro menthol light

Favorite drink: Moet & Chandon

Disliked type of people: selfish

Favorite type of woman: free minded

Disliked type of woman: bad behaved

Hoby: football, bowling and pool

Favorite brand: alfredoBANNISTER

Favorite subject: Art

Favorite season: spring

Favorite color: black, white, purple, gray

Favorite animal: dog, penguin, duck, polar bear

Message: Never give up on your dream! Be strong enough not to be controled by other.

Charm point: hands

Favorite phrase: "Eh? You're being serious?"



Position: guitar

Real name: Shiroyama Yuu

Birth date : 20. januar, 1979.

Piercings: 1 lips, 1 right ear, 3 left ear, i 1 bellybutton

Height: 171cm (5'6'')

Birth place: Mie, Japan

Favorite perfume: Eau Parfumee au the blanc, BVLGARI, Davidoff, Sculpture, Samourai

Cigarette: Marlboro menthol

Favorite drink: Super dry, coffee

Collects: sunglasses

Favorite type of woman: nice, good cook

favorite brand: BVLGARI, Vivienne Westwood, D&G, Armani

Favorite subject : Home Economics

favorite color: black and white

Favorite season: winter

Message: Love & Peace!!

Charm point: whole body

Favorite sentence: "No."



Position: bass guitar

Real name: Suzuki Akira

Birth date: 27. may, 1981.

Piercings: 1 left ear, 1 right ear

Height: 172cm (5'6'')

Birth place: Kanagawa, Japan

Favorite perfume: rarely uses perfume (Bvlgari)

Cigarette: Mild Seven Light

Favorite drink: Life guard

Likes to eat: Kit-Kat i tarakosoup

Doesn't like to eat: veggies, very sweet food

Favorite type of woman: feminine and mature

Disliked type of woman: person who uses bad words

Hobby: watching movies

Favorite brand: Deal Design, King Mob, TENDERLOIN, ANTICLASS

Favorite subject: japanese

Favorite color: red, white, purple

Favorite season: spring, because of the fresh air

Message: Come on baby!

Charm point: hips



Position: drums

Real name: Uke Yutaka

Birth date: 28. october, 1981.

Piercings: 2 left ear

Height: 172cm (5'6'')

Birth place: wishes it was New Jersey, but he's from Tokushima

Favorite perfume: Jaguer, Sculpture, Blue for Men

Cigarette: None

Favorite drink: apple juice

Favorite type of woman: A nice person. For example, when I come home she asks me "How was work?"

Disliked type of woman: person who isn't open to others

Hobby: football, cooking

Favorite brand: Custom Culture, Justin Davis, TENDERLOIN, STARLINGEAR

Favorite color: black, red, white, blue, green, silver, gold

Favorite animal: dog, tiger, aligator

Favorite season: Winter, because he likes Christmas

Message:: Our hearts are always with you!

Favorite subjects: math


they're my fav jrock band...some of my fav songs are Leech, Burial Applicant, Guren, Cassis, Disorted Daytime.....

My fave band members are Ruki and Reita (although I am not allowed to mention them in front of my boyfriend cuz I tend to get carried away and talk all fangirlish... :laugh: )

well...anyone heard about them? or their songs? :hehe:

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I am nobody?!?! :persuazn: :cry: lol, Supermodelka, you forget to translate couple of phrases to English :laugh: my favorite member is Reita :drool: and songs: "Guren", "Cassis", "D.L.N", "Chizuru", "Calm Envy" & "Taion". there are too many :confused:

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ugh great...I found that on one serbian forum that i'm registered on..-___- blah...I'll translate it right now... :laugh:

of course ur not nobody...lol...it's just that no one wrote in here <_<

and now...Reita pics :drool:

post-15850-0-1446073232-74919_thumb.jpg post-15850-0-1446073232-80733_thumb.jpg post-15850-0-1446073232-84651_thumb.jpg post-15850-0-1446073232-92853_thumb.jpg post-15850-0-1446073232-97552_thumb.jpg post-15850-0-1446073233-00012_thumb.jpg post-15850-0-1446073233-04136_thumb.jpg post-15850-0-1446073233-06435_thumb.jpg post-15850-0-1446073233-09756_thumb.jpg post-15850-0-1446073233-13446_thumb.jpg post-15850-0-1446073233-18047_thumb.jpg post-15850-0-1446073233-21727_thumb.jpg post-15850-0-1446073233-23783_thumb.jpg post-15850-0-1446073233-26307_thumb.jpg post-15850-0-1446073233-31416_thumb.jpg

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give them time maybe someone will come...but I have a feeling I'll be your only compagnon :laugh: Supermodelka those pics you've posted... :drool: I don't know how the hell I'm going to fall asleep this night :whistle:

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so dark! ...and Aoi's guitar solo...just wow :woot: the GazettE should be titled best Visual Kei band after Dir en grey (Y)

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