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Nudity Rule

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Nude content is allowed on Bellazon only when properly marked. Any image(s) or video(s)* containing nudity must be text-linked or spoiler tagged with a text warning - preferably highlighted in red (e.g. "WARNING: nudity").
*Videos containing nudity must include a warning. If the video frame display has visible nudity it must be textlinked or placed between spoiler tags.

Nudity uploaded onto the BZ server as an attachment must be posted between Spoiler tags with a warning. Examples...


[spoiler]attachement ID/name[/spoiler][spoiler][attachment=1777631:candice.jpg][/spoiler]


List Of Image Hosts:



hostingpics - apparently without pornographic advertising
PostImage.Org - apparently without pornographic advertising
TinyPic - For images under 1050 pixels in width only

Imageshack - Nudity not allowed
ImageVenue - apparently with pornographic advertising
ImageBam - apparently with pornographic advertising

To Textlink a Video: put the video's url between the "code" code or spoiler tags. Like this:
[ code ]video's url[ / code ]
[ spoiler ]video's url[ /spoiler ]

*without the spaces*

Members of the Bellazon moderating team have agreed that the following shall henceforth be considered nudity when visible in full-sized or thumbnailed images:

1. Full Frontal
2. Female Nipples (this includes visibility through fully or partially transparent (sheer) clothing)
3. Male/Female Genital Areas

Furthermore, the BZ staff reserve the right to remove any images that, while not containing nudity as defined above, depict anything of explicit sexual nature or could be generally considered sexually offensive or vulgar.

NOTE: Playboy content policy
Posting any nude or non-nude content taken from the Playboy magazine (e.g. scanned images) or its on-line site is not allowed due to copyright matters.

Any action that violates the aforementioned rules after their announcement shall result in an indefinitely raised Warn level. If you have any questions or comments, please contact a Bellazon staff member. Thank you!

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