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Lisa Frank

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She's my fav. artist since I was a kid so I thought to make a topic thingy-me-jig about her :D

As from Wikipedia:

"Lisa Frank is an American children's artist, founder of Lisa Frank Incorporated. The artist's work appears on various commercial elementary and middle-school products, mostly school supplies. Also common among Lisa Frank-related items are stickers and a variety of other merchandise such as clothing, toys, and even light switch covers, primarily marketed towards young girls.

She founded the company in 1979, and her success resulted from her sticker line. The company's headquarters is in Tucson, Arizona, and is easily visible because of the bright hearts, stars, and music notes decorating the side of the building. There is currently a quarterly magazine also named Lisa Frank.

Her corporation's artwork features extremely bright and vibrant colors, and round, smooth, reflective surfaces. A number of characters recur on 'Lisa Frank' branded items, such as a dancing bear with a top hat, and a grinning unicorn. Rainbows and especially the color purple are abundant in Lisa Frank's art.

In 2001, Lisa Frank, Inc. was fined $30,000 by the Federal Trade Commission for violating the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and the FTC Act. According to the FTC, The registration form on Lisa Frank's website asked young girls for their first and last names, street addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and birth dates. Although directed to children, the site did not obtain consent from parents before collecting this information as required by law. [1]

Frank is an alumna of Cranbrook Kingswood School."

Her website.

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