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Miranda Kerr

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Skippy is on the November 2013 cover of Cosmo USA and is available for download. Come and get it!

Why do you call Miranda "Skippy"? I mean I have seen it before when going through Miranda's thread, but you seem to be the only one doing it anymore. Same goes for other models, like calling Karlie "Ducky", what is up with that?



Why do I call her that? Cuz that's her nickname! As the others have shown you, the VSFS 2007 video flashed all their nicknames and she had "Skippy" listed so that's what I chose to call her.


BTW, I had the chance to ask Miranda several years ago about her "Skippy" nickname and her reaction was priceless. If anyone here gets the chance to meet her (or have already met her), ask her about the "Skippy" nickname and watch her reaction. I am not even kidding about this! I'd tell u about what she said to me, but I can't spoil the fun!



As for Ducky, it's all based on what she said in her MTV special. Karlie said, "I'm a duck with 8-foot limbs" so that's what I decided to call her. It was inevitable!

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Miranda Kerr leaves the Chanel Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week Womenswear SS14 - Day 8 on October 1, 2013 in Paris, France



Source: Getty Images

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Australian model Miranda Kerr steps out of her car to take a picture of a graffiti along the Seine river, in Paris, France - 30/09/2013



Source: newscom.com

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