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Brenda Asnicar


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Birth name: Brenda Daniela Asnicar

Born: October 17, 1991, 17 years old

Origin: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Occupation(s): Actress, Singer

Associated acts: Laura Esquivel, Gastón Soffritti


Brenda Asnicar (1,60 m; 80-60-85) is a young Argentine actress and singer, born on October 17, 1991, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She's best known for starring season 1 and 2 of the infant-juvenile success Ugly Duckling (Patito Feo).

Since she was eleven, Brenda has worked in the artistic activity. Her first involvement was made in the show Cantaniño where, after chosen from among five thousand applicants and start as an ordinary participant, she achieved to access to the co-host of the same.[2]

After finished Cantaniño, she worked for overseas advertising, and she was summoned to host Chicos Argentinos (Argentine Children) by Channel 7 of Argentina where, again, after an arduous casting was selected. In the show was not only the host, also recorded "Caminos", her first CD, with the other partners of the cast.

Despite her long career, her jump to fame and public recognition came through the series Patito Feo, an Ideas del Sur production, where she interprets "Antonella", the villain of the story.

Brenda Asnicar was nominated at the Clarín Awards to Spectacles 2007 under the heading "Disclosure female", where she shared the list with its companion of cast, Laura Esquivel. The winner was Violeta Urtizberea, by Lalola.

TV Shows

* Cantaniño, Telefe (2001)

* Chicos Argentinos, Channel 7 (2005)

* Patito Feo, Channel 13 (2007-2008)


* 2003: La Banda de Cantaniño

* 2005: Caminos

* 2007: Patito Feo, La Historia Más Linda

* 2007: Patito Feo, La Historia Más Linda En El Teatro

* 2008: Patito Feo, La Vida Es Una Fiesta

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