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Who's who in VS


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This seemed like a good thread to bump and use to talk about the recent VS confusions and signings.

A continuation of the discussion in Candice's thread

$500,000 is a lot to give out to all those "claimed" Angels I don't think VS is in the position to do that specially with the recession!

They can afford to do it by exchanging larger contracts for smaller ones. Let's say Marisa got $1 million or $1.5 million a year. With her being gone, they could split her salary amongst 2 or 3 girls. And if another big contract was coming off the books as well next year... Let's say Heidi gets $3 or $4 million a year. You could split her salary amongst 6 or 8 girls.

You aren't increasing your bottom line financially, but you're getting more for your money. It's like getting rid of that 1 bedroom apartment at $1000 a month and moving to a 3 bedroom apartment in a cheaper complex for the same price.

Then at the end of the initial $500,000 test period contracts, you take the $4 million in salary that you're spending on 8 girls and upgrade 3 or 4 of them to angels at $1 million a piece. You're still not increasing salary - just consolidating what you have.

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